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Magnet-Related Product

Oil Refretta

Lightweight and inexpensive plastic-molded permanent magnet (plastic magnet) effective for processing iron powder.
Oil Refretta

● Less trouble
● Oil cleanup in the tank!
● Easy installation and removal!
Oil Refretta


○ Increased adsorption area by surface projections!
○ Cylindrical magnet absorbs iron powder efficiently at high flow rate.
○ Lightweight plastic molding
○ Absorbed iron powder can easily be eliminated owing to the plastic cover on the magnet.


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Type O-04 O-10
Size(mm) 100x100x65 200x140x66
Weight(g) 400 100
Operating temperature max 100℃
Applicable oils Operating oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil (oil-based and water-soluble), washing oil (oil-based and water-soluble), rolling oil, fuel oil

Structure and Description
We have taken a hint from garbage stuck to the bridge girder over the swollen river to develop Oil refretta.
Fine machining swarf and iron powder precipitated or floated in the tank is absorbed and can easily be removed. Suitable for use in the oil tank such as for cutting oil (oil-based and water-soluble), grinding oil (oil-based and water-soluble), washing oil (oil-based and water-soluble), lubricating oil and rolling oil. Troubles and maintenance costs will be effectively reduced.

■ 3 advantages of Oil Refretta
○ Decreases troubles.
  Easy pollution management decreases troubles such as oil seal damage, oil leakage and malfunction.
○ Oil cleaning in the tank
  Oil cleaning in the tank is achieved by the magnetic field generated in oil.
○ Easy installation and removal
  The magnet can easily be installed and removed by attaching the strap included in the package.

Cost reduction Examples
Thread-rolling machine (cutting oil) ■ Thread-rolling machine (cutting oil)
● Iron powder amount: 139 g/month
※Extension of rolling dies life
Washer (soluble oil) ■ Washer (soluble oil)
● Iron powder amount: 153 g/month
※Reduction of filter clogging

Magnet bar
Floated iron powder in the tank is absorbed by the plastic-molded permanent magnet (plastic magnet) inside the stainless-steel pipe.
Iron powder attached to the bar can easily be removed using the O-ring included in the package.
Various lengths are available.
Multiple magnet bars drastically improve iron powder removal efficiency.

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