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Wire Rod Product

Sludge BOX

Our extensive experience and prominent technology meet your needs.
「SUS basket / Sludge BOX」

● For machining swarf removal in the coolant tank of various types of cutting machines
● Dent prevention for precision machining parts
● Metal lath, wire load and punching products for cost reduction
Sludge BOX

We have a good record with the flushing basket!

Please send us a simple diagram such as small parts and alignment input. We will prepare the estimate.
We also plan the washing and transport efficiency improvement at the planning stage of installation.
For washing small parts For washing small parts
3 to 4 pieces of parts in the main basket can be washed at one time.

For washing and transporting precision parts For washing and transporting precision parts
Resin coating is applied for dent prevention since the robot picks and places parts.
For centrifugal washers For centrifugal washers
Washing efficiency is improved by the tapered bottom of the basket.
For washing heavier parts For washing heavier parts
A flat bottom achieves a smooth flow on the conveyer.

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