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Machining Swarf Processor

Ecolo Earth

An eco-friendly device to save cutting oil
Central deoiling system with automatic feeder「Ecolo earth」

Appropriate for disposing machining swarf from several machines (broaching machines, gear cutting machines, hobbing machines)

Compact and effective triple-system

1. Automatic feeder (Hopper)
Feeds a constant amount of machining swarf to the conveyer without bridge.

2. CS conveyer
An innovative vertical scraper conveyer to conserve space

3. Mach separator
A deoiling centrifuge at an efficiency of 88 to 98% (Model MS-108 is used in the system.)
>Click here for the mach separator page.
CS conveyer、Mach separator


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Application Examples
Ecolo earth/Application Examples
Ecolo earth/Application Examples

Shoot hopper
Customized specifications

Ecolo earth/Application Examples

CU + twin hopper
Customized specifications

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