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Light, tough and affordable. Fine laths can be used for various purposes.

Fine Lath


Lightweight, strong and reasonable metal laths. Can be deformed in various shapes owing to its bending workability. Suitable for various purposes such as the protection cover for home appliances, the cover and box for automobiles, and automotive filters and guards.

Benefits of Metal Laths

1. Material cost is reduced since the material is elongated and cut. Considerably more reasonable than other processing such as punching metal.
2. The plate surface is slant when the material is elongated. The open area becomes considerably higher than materials such as punching metal.
3. Honeycomb-like structure achieves lightweight and strength.
4. The reticular metal laths have high bending workability. Suitable for press bending, squeezing and spot welding.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process
The upper blade suitable for the mesh dimensions moves up and down by the ram of the metal lath making machine. By the cam operation, the upper blade moves 1/2 LW laterally to cut in a houndstooth pattern and then moves 1/2 SW to form the mesh. Steel sheets are continuously fed by the feeder according to the up-and down movement of the upper blade to get the specified dimensions.

Main use material

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