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Corporate Philosophy

Three [SOU]s bring your ideas into shape.

First [SOU]: Souzou (Creation), Soui (Imagination), Souan (Invention)
“Manufacturing” is not enough to bring requirements of our customers into shape. The first [SOU], creating various items with unique added-values and ideas, and reliable technology and service are Sogyo’s advantage.
Second [SOU]: Soukyu (Quickness), Hayawaza (Prompt action), Subayai (Activeness)
Quickness is essential to respond to rapid changes in the industry. The second “SOU” (prompt action and flexibility) is one of our policies. All Sogyo staff will respond rapidly to any of our customer’s request and trouble and to find the best solution.
Third [SOU]: Sawayaka (Freshness), Soukai (Cleanness), Sassou (Smartness)
Sogyo staff observes the third [SOU]. Every staff works livery every day to build confidence with our customers.


Sogyo’s basic philosophy is “daily reformation”. We fully use the above three [SOU]s to live up to the following motto:
・“Customer-centered business”
・“Consensus-style management”
・“Earth-conscious and community involvement”

We will respond to customer’s requests with the utmost care and try to keep going ahead of the time.

In Chubu area, Sogyo has a leading market share of the fine mesh (high-quality wire sheet), which is necessary in the field of cutting-edge technology such as automobiles, home appliances and audio-visual equipment. Our high technical capability, creative development capability and customer-centered business support our company growth.

Utilizing the business know-how, Sogyo has been readily working on the “Ecology and Energy” project to contribute to a worldwide concern, environment preservation. To use limited resources effectively and reduce negative effects on the environment, we are dedicated to spread oil recycling to the world. We have gained credibility in the “Ecology and Energy” projects, one of the necessary fields in the future industry, owing to our time-proven dedication and technological capability.

Sogyo’s basic philosophy “daily reformation” is different from “innovation”. According to three [SOU]s, we always respond to tasks and customer’s requests flexibility and promptly, and reform conventional methods to the better ones day by day to contribute to the future industry. Such our continuous efforts are our stance on “daily reformation”.